Young Man’s War

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When the Dark Gates open and unleash the monstrous Darksiders on an unsuspecting Earth, only the toughest and most determined people will survive. Roland and Maggie Kane are more fortunate than most, because their father, Daniel, is a Chicago cop who has taught them how to shoot and prepared them for almost every eventuality. But, as the Kane family soon learns, there is just no way to prepare for an alien invasion.

However, Roland also discovers that although the Darksiders’ blood may be green, the invaders will die as readily as any man after being ventilated with enough high-speed projectiles.

Rod Walker is the New New Heinlein, and The Thousand Worlds marks the return of science fiction to its classical form and historical heights. Written in the style and tradition of Robert Heinlein’s 12 classic juvenile novels published by Scribner, YOUNG MAN’S WAR is an exciting tale of survival, courage, independence, and the indomitable spirit of Man.