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the female aesthetic

Rawle Nyanzi has a good post defending attractive female characters in video games. Central quote:

Games work best when they have vitality and imagination, and inappropriately dressed female characters are an important part of that. Dullness and shapelessness do not indicate “maturity,” and alleged maturity doesn’t matter anyway because games only need to prove themselves to their audience.

If Rod Walker is playing a game with third-person perspective, he will probably pick a female character, simply because if he’s going to spend hours staring at a video game character, why shouldn’t it be an attractive woman?

Video games are a key plot point in Rod Walker’s book. 

Mount & Blade: lordship is expensive!

Rod Walker is still playing Mount & Blade, and he is pleased to report that his character has ascended to lordship and seized control of a castle!

Unfortunately, the effort of doing so wiped out his character’s army and depleted his funds. Also, maintaining a garrison to hold the new castle is expensive! Now Rod Walker’s character must return to the tried and true method of fundraising – capturing bandits and ransoming them back to the ransom broker.

Fortunately, Sea Raiders and Taiga Bandits fetch a good price.

Rod Walker’s book has space bandits.


game night

When Rod Walker has occasion to play computer games, he usually does the classics from the 80s and 90s – Darklands, Master of Magic, Master of Orion and Master of Orion 2, and so forth. The newest game he’s played lately is FTL.

He is not sure if he prefers old games because they are better than the new games, or if he is simply old enough that he is now set in his tastes.

cavalry charge in Mount & Blade

It’s time for a splendid cavalry charge in Mount & Blade! It is fun to have 20 or 30 heavy horsemen and send them screaming at a band of Taiga Bandits who didn’t realize they picked the wrong caravan to attack.

Of course, heavy horsemen are expensive. After this battle, Rod Walker’s Mount & Blade character will have to loot some villages to pay the salaries of his mercenaries. Or engage in honest trade. But looting villages seems like less work!

Rod Walker’s book has battles.


back to Mount & Blade

Inspired by PC Bushi’s post on Mount & Blade, Rod Walker has resumed playing the game with a character named after the protagonist of a series of novellas he will be releasing later in the year.

So far, RW has managed to get his company of mercenaries slaughtered at the hands of Steppe Bandits, slaughtered at the hands of a band of renegade Khergit Lancers, and slaughtered at the hands of some Forest Bandits. Shortly before typing this, his company of mercenaries got slaughtered by several converging bands of Sea Raiders.

He’s not a very good mercenary commander, but his character has escaped from every fiasco, and has made a profit on every mission! This has increased his character’s Renown, and will make it easier to hire mercenaries for next profitable fiasco.

Rod Walker’s book also has some guys just trying to turn a profit.

conquering the natives


Rod Walker is playing Master Of Orion 2 as the Human empire, which means he is essentially spreading democracy through the galaxy at the end of a gun (or plasma cannon). Good times!

Today RW founded his first colony in the Pipiri system. Usefully, the Pipiri system already has an indigenous species, which RW can use to grow food for the colony while the human settlers build things. Fortunately, unlike in real life, the natives will not rebel.

If you enjoy reading about space battles, check out Rod Walker’s book.

Let’s Conquer The Galaxy


Since Rod Walker’s ship got blown up in FTL: Faster Than Light, it’s time for him to play a new game.

Specifically, Master Of Orion 2. Rod Walker is a science fiction writer, so it behooves him to play the classics, and MOO2 is definitely a planet. Let’s see if RW can guide the human race from one small planet to galactic dominion.

If you enjoy reading about space combat, read Rod Walker’s book!

What Game Should Rod Walker Play Next?

Recently Rod Walker was playing FTL: Faster Than Light, which ended when his ship was destroyed in battle with the Rebel Flagship, alas. Consequently, it is time to start a new game.

What should Rod Walker play (and liveblog) next? It has to be a game that will run on Ubuntu 16.04, since that is RW’s computing platform of choice.

His choices:

-Darklands (classic 90s fantasy RPG).

-Master of Orion 2.

-Master of Magic.

-Pillars of Eternity.

-Baldur’s Gate.

-Mount and Blade.

-Another round of FTL: Faster Than Light.

Let RW know your thoughts in the comments, and he’ll start the new game this coming week!