Don’t Complain, Create

Writer and narrator Jon Mollison has some good advice here:

This isn’t just about making a better marketplace or even making a better world for you and your children.  It’s also about making a better life for yourself.  Getting dragged down into mockery of incompetents might be cathartic given how many of those currently sit in seats of media power, but it’s also not a negative mindset and not terribly constructive.  Focus on the positive creators, and focus on creating better alternatives to the major media producers, and you’ll clear a lot of anger and bitterness from your own heart.  You’ll start to notice all of the wonderful aspects of life that surround you, and as you and your circle of friends talk more about the things you’ve discovered worth your time, you’ll start to find more and more great stories to read, and hear, and watch.

That’s good advice. Rod Walker has written before that criticism is generally useless and best ignored, which in turn means that it’s also generally a waste of otherwise productive time to complain.

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