Coffee & Junk Science

Rod Walker believes it was GK Chesterton who observed that once a man stops believing in God, he won’t believe in nothing, he will believe in anything.

RW saw another example of this phenomenon today with this Ars Technica article about the shifty website Goop. Apparently, Goop is now selling coffee-based enemas. Central quote:

Down the hatch, coffee can jump start a day. But, according to dubious advice from Gwyneth Paltrow’s posh lifestyle and e-commerce site, Goop, the popular brew can also kick off a whole year—when taken up the bum.

Yes, Goop suggests that a coffee enema is a “clutch” way to “supercharge” your “annual goop detox” and start the year in tip-top health. In its latest guide for “deep detoxification,” the Goop team recommends a device called an “Implant O’Rama” for squirting coffee up your keister at home. The product, sold by Implant O’Rama LLC for a bargain $135, is merely a glass bottle with silicone tubing attached.

One of the common tropes of science fiction is that post-Christian secular society will be shiny and scientific. Instead, experience shows that post-Christian secular society is a newer, stupider form of paganism, where some people will apparently pay $135 for coffee enemas to purge their bodies of imaginary toxins.

This really isn’t all that different from sacrificing a chicken to drive away evil spirits.

The rational, scientific worldview is an outgrowth of Christianity, and without Christianity, it’s going to go away.

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