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Rod Walker likes this post about the return of heroic characters in fiction. Key quote:

Audiences are sick of nothing but gray antiheroics. They’re also sick of retreads of familiar, recent stories only with darker tones. People are starving for true Heroics in their stories again.

Wonder Woman’s success was not a fluke, but a sign of what’s coming. The unbridled love for My Hero Academia is a sign of what’s coming. The interest in Pulp literature from the early 20th century is a sign of what’s coming. The renewed interest in classic superhero comics that look nothing like the spiteful mess modern comics are is a sign of what’s coming. The quietly whispered question “whatever happened to Westerns?” is a sign of what’s coming.

RW agrees with this. He’s tried of antiheroes. Even in his Master Rogue series, which is about a master thief, Rowan of Kalderon usually winds up doing the right thing, mostly.

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