The Cursed Command by Christopher Nuttall

Previously Rod Walker reviewed both The Oncoming Storm and Falcone Strike by Christopher Nuttall, and enjoyed them both. When the next book in the series Cursed Command came out, RW read it in short order.

It continues the plot of the previous two books. Kat Falcone is now a Commodore, still commanding the Lightning, and her loyal executive officer William is now Captain McElney, given command of the Lightning’s sister ship Uncanny. Unfortunately, since William comes from the colonies, his command his fraught with political implications, and large numbers of people want to see him both succeed and fail.

As if there were not enough troubles, a contingent of the Uncanny’s crewmen are planning to mutiny, seize the ship, and go pirate. When the Lightning and the Uncanny are sent to a neutral sector to keep the neutrals from siding with the brutal Theocracy, the mutineers see their chance.

Assuming Theocracy agents and space pirates don’t kill them all first, of course.

Cursed Command was a fun read, with lots of space battles, political scheming, and derring-do. RW thinks that the book’s gender-integrated military is highly unlikely to work that well in real life, but hyperdrives don’t work in real life either, and the book doesn’t shy away from some of the brutalities of a gender-integrated military. (The pirates’ treatment of their female prisoners is one such example.) Rod Walker enjoyed the book, and is looking forward to the final book in the series later this year.

Rod Walker’s book also has space battles. 

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