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Here’s another good post from Jasyn Jones at the Castalia House blog. Read the whole thing, but here’s a central quote:

Suppose, at one point in time, Hollywood suddenly decided that the only fiction movies worth making were fictional documentaries—documentaries about events that never occurred. A little license was granted in what fictional events could be at the core, but after that ONLY STRICT REALISM. In specific, Action Movies were ABSOLUTELY VERBOTEN.

And this decision was rigidly enforced by Studio Executives, and anyone who didn’t want to make fictional documentaries could never be involved in the movie industry ever again. And then rafts of directors, actors, screenwriters and such were fired, driven out of the business forever.

Audiences would flee by the millions. Movies would become a tiny, obscure, niche entertainment, the domain of hardcore cinephiles in tiny clubs that always struggled and frequently went out of business. TV and radio would be king. They would dwarf movies in popularity and imaginativeness.

Speaking of the Pulp Revolution, this evening Rod Walker finished writing the second of four pulp-inspired novellas he will be releasing later this year. The first two were written around the theme of “Action, Heroics, & Adventure”, and the second two will be as well. Hopefully readers will agree.

Until then, Rod Walker has written a book with Action, Heroics, and Adventure. 

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