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Inspired by PC Bushi’s post on Mount & Blade, Rod Walker has resumed playing the game with a character named after the protagonist of a series of novellas he will be releasing later in the year.

So far, RW has managed to get his company of mercenaries slaughtered at the hands of Steppe Bandits, slaughtered at the hands of a band of renegade Khergit Lancers, and slaughtered at the hands of some Forest Bandits. Shortly before typing this, his company of mercenaries got slaughtered by several converging bands of Sea Raiders.

He’s not a very good mercenary commander, but his character has escaped from every fiasco, and has made a profit on every mission! This has increased his character’s Renown, and will make it easier to hire mercenaries for next profitable fiasco.

Rod Walker’s book also has some guys just trying to turn a profit.

One thought on “back to Mount & Blade

  1. PCBushi

    Haha yeah – the climb to power can be steep in that game! Takes a while before you can kick some bandit ass consistently. In my current game I bit off more than I could chew from Sea Raiders a couple times, myself.


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