Author Jon Del Arroz discusses his experiences getting blackballed from a SF/F convention due to his unapologetic support of President Trump.

You can check out his book on Amazon here. Currently #9700 at the time Rod Walker is typing this. Bet that’s going to go higher!

The truth of the matter is that traditional SF/F publishing and the convention scene is pretty ossified from a combination of obsolete technology and obsolete politics. American progressivism is repellent to everyone except its true believers, and the ebook revolution has made traditional publication irrelevant. There is no longer one unified One True Fandom united around conventions and the old publishers, but thanks to ebooks and democratized content distribution.

Rod Walker thinks that this is for the best, and we’ll probably see a lot more stories like those of Jon Del Arroz in the future.

Ignoring the mainstream publishers and SF conventions is probably a good move for a writer’s career.

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