The List of Superversive SF

Rod Walker doesn’t have any suggestions to add to this list, but he likes the idea of creating a Superversive SF book list. (Also found via the Castalia House blog.) Central quote:

We are actually beginning our Superversive Book List! Our goal is to have a suggested reading list that can be shared about, listing books–from all time periods–that are worth reading! Hopefully, this will eventuall lead to a Year’s Best list and a Superversive Award.

But for now, we are merely compiling a list. The results will be posted in a special Superversive Reading List place.

What is a Superversive book, you ask? A book that lives up to the motto: Good storytelling, great ideas.

The term “superversive” hearkens back to an essay the insightful Tom Simon wrote some years ago. Central quote from this essay:

In such a state, there is only one way to make a difference. You cannot subvert ruins; but you can build right over top of them. If to subvert is to destroy a thing from below, might we not coin an opposite word? We could destroy a state of ruin from above, and, as I like to say, supervert it. Where people have abandoned their standards, we could suggest new ones (or reintroduce whatever was good and useful in the old). Where institutions have been abolished, we could institute others to do their work. Above all, we could instil the ideas of creation and structure and discipline into human minds and hearts, and especially the hearts of the young.

RW things you should read the entirety of the essay.

Also, Rod Walker hopes his book is superversive, but you can read it for yourself to find out!

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