Alien Game from Castalia House now available

Rod Walker is pleased to announce the release of his newest novel from Castalia House, Alien Game. The book is available at Amazon America, Amazon Britain, and Amazon Australia.

If RW were to describe Alien Game, he would call it “Jurassic Park In Space Meets Disaster Movie”. The publisher would describe it as “While the books are intentionally written to be reminiscent of the twelve so-called juveniles of Robert Heinlein, they are not slavish imitations or color-by-numbers copies; it would probably be more accurate to describe them as being two parts Heinlein, one part Correia.”

Two parts Robert Heinlein, one part Larry Correia. That sounds like the kind of book RW would like to read, so naturally he wrote it himself! RW hopes you enjoy Alien Game.

The official book description:

With nothing to do but work or lose himself in the dubious digital pleasures of the Netrix, Sam Hammond finds himself bored beyond belief on the oppressive planet of New Princeton. And when he gets himself in trouble for a stupid act of vandalism, he has the choice of spending a year in prison or working off his time as an indentured servant for anyone who buys his contract.

He might have chosen the prison if he’d known that he’d find himself working security for a safari colony on a jungle world where the herbivores are the size of a stadium, the apex predators are vicious lizards that can turn themselves almost invisible, and the skies are filled with huge, acid-breathing fliers. And when New Princeton’s Minister of Ecology arrives for a visit with a spaceship full of wealthy and powerful guests, Sam discovers that Man is the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Rod Walker is the New New Heinlein, and ALIEN GAME marks another step in the return of science fiction to its classical form and historical heights. Written in the style and tradition of Robert Heinlein’s 12 classic juvenile novels published by Scribner, ALIEN GAME is an exciting tale of space, technology, courage, independence, and the indomitable spirit of Man.