Star Trek Beyond

Rod Walker viewed Star Trek Beyond last night.

His take – kind of dumb, but entertaining and fun.

RW is indifferent towards Star Trek, but he thinks the franchise is at its best when centering around derring-do and starship battles and shooting at aliens with ray guns, and at its worst when it has its head up its own rear about social progress and its own massive, creaky continuity. Star Trek Beyond definitely fell into the first category for the most part, save for a few ritual genuflections to modern political mores.

All RW asks of a SF movie is that he be entertained for two hours with fist fights and lasers (his tastes, alas, are rather plebeian), and Star Trek Beyond delivered.

Josh Young of SuperversiveSF has a longer review here. Regular readers may recall Josh Young also had some kind things to say about RW’s novel MUTINY IN SPACE.

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